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Industrial + IT Service Delivery
You Can Trust

Creating a service delivery that puts our customers first is what allows customers to trust our service, our people, and our commitment to a long partnership.

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Why Should You Use Buffalo Services Group?

Customer Service and Commitment to Project Execution

Buffalo Services Group has never lost a customer based on service delivery or lack of execution. With a track record like this, Buffalo is more about selecting the right customer and the right project for the long term.

Safe & Reliable.
Take Control of Your Schedule

Buffalo delivers at a high level ensuring that its customers are on schedule and they can count on a safe and reliable schedule that allows the customer success in execution.

Great Partnership that pays off in the long term

Buffalo prides itself in repeat and recurring business.  As a result, from existing customers being returning customers it saves them time and money not having to look for another vendor. This drives a better return to their bottom line.

What Buffalo Services Group Offers

  • IT Staffing

  • IT Consulting

  • Fiber Services

  • T&D Services

  • Equipment Transport

  • Right of Way

  • Other Services

More services offered on request from our customers

30+ years

Experience within the Industry

Track Record for Success


Many more customers have been delivered to thru our 30+ years experience

construction-site-contractor-2021-08-26-23-04-53-utc (1).jpg
  • Fiber Installation and Maintenance Programs

  • T&D Power Service Delivery

  • IT Staffing and Statement of Work Consulting

  • Emergency Outage and Storm Recovery Delivery

  • Safety Audit and Inspection Services

  • Equipment Transport

  • Right of Way Landscape Management

  • Specialized Welding Service Delivery\

  • Shut Down Work

  • Operational + Maintenance Work


Our Customers + Service

Industrial + Government

  • DOT Programs

  • Joint Ventures with Municipalities

  • Cooperatives

  • Utilities
  • Federal and State Jobs

  • Native American Reservations

  • Casinos


  • Private Companies

  • Public Companies

Residential + Other

  • Residential

  • Special Projects

See Our Work

What Our Happy Clients Say?

"Never had men I could depend on in such a tight timeframe and important project. Buffalo delivered in such a way, I will call them first for every job even if they dont offer the service.  They provide great references to other vendors as well.

Reg G.  HKA

"I had a very long transition and project delivery I needed completed moving infrastructure from Oklahom to South Carolina.  These guys at Buffalo not only delivered great service, they were enjoyable to work alongside, and they stayed to help us clean and mitigate the new worksite. Never had that level of service before. They will always be a call away for me."

Kevin S., Patriot

“These guys showed up, recgonized the job wasn't going to be completed in the timeframe necessary and recruited another vendor to come help them to accelerate the job completion.  Never seen it before, but I appreciate their honesty and commitment to getting a job done in the timeframe we agreed on.”

Kirk S., K2T

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